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Classic and modern Christmas decor inspiration shoot featured on Mariage Québec


December 11, 2020

More than ever, this december, we wanted to promote local vendors. We teamed up with Lulucoeurdebeurre to create beautiful ambiances for the Holidays!

Firstly, we selected a few top wedding vendors in Quebec to participate in this Holiday photoshoot. It was so much fun to work with other business women and creatives! We also had the chance to discover new talents and products made in Quebec.

We created different ambiances: one classic, one modern. So no matter what style your prefer, you can get inspired! Are you more classic or modern? Personnaly I love both!

Because this year the holidays will be different, we wished to inspire you to create a exquisite table settings. Even if it’s just for two! I know how setting a beautiful table can immediatly make me in a happy mood. This is an art and Lulucoeurdebeurre is known to be amazing at it!

Moreover, the cherry on top, Mariage Québec featured this lovely holiday inspiration shoot on their blog. It’s always a great news, when our work is shared and appreciated. Especially when it promotes some of the best Quebec wedding vendors.

Speaking of which, we would like to thank all the talents that gave their time for this shoot. We created successful atmospheres thanks to all of you!

To conclude, we hope you enjoy this Christmas decor inspiration. Hopefully you also discovered beautiful items for your Christmas gifts! So if you didn’t buy your perfect gift for Christmas, we got you covered 😉

Local Vendors’ list

Classic Christmas

For this look, we wanted to play around with classic christmas vibes. Though we wanted to keep it unique. For example, the classic red is here burgundy. Another original touch are the decorated chairs. Paired with lushious florals, it makes for a perfect Christmas decoration! Don’t you think?

Modern Christmas

Why only do classic when you canhave fun and be creative? That’s why, we went with some bold pinks. The decor is more subtle to keep it classy. Adding some ornements here and there to give that Christmas touch! DId you notive we kept the chairs and tableclothe? They both fit really well with this setting as well.

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