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7 Tips for Looking and Feeling Your Best in Your Wedding Images


March 16, 2023

Your wedding images are a keepsake you’ll look back on for years to come. So, as a couple, it’s important you find a sense of ease in front of the camera and look your best. However, when it comes to taking photos, many couples feel camera shy or experience some nervousness—trust me, it’s totally normal! It’s not like you have a photographer snapping photos of you every day. 

To help you feel as confident as you possibly can as you’re captured on your wedding day, I’ll share with you some suggestions to help you ease into the process so you can enjoy the moment and the photos you end up with too. 🤳🏽⁠

How to Feel Confident in Your Wedding Photos

There are things you can do before and during your session to totally rock your wedding photography photos. Ready to find out what those are? Let’s jump in.

Get to know your wedding photographer⁠.

Getting to know your photographer through an appointment or consultation is a MUST because you always want to make sure you’re choosing a photographer who has the right-fit style for you. 

Booking an engagement session is also a great way to see if your personalities and styles mesh well! Either way, you won’t be meeting your photographer for the first time on your big day, which means you’ll feel more at ease around them.

Practice makes perfect⁠.

Do you feel comfortable posing? It helps to have some fun photoshoots before your wedding so you can get used to being in front of the camera and practicing your poses. You could hire the photographer for a couple’s shoot or an engagement shoot beforehand, but if that’s  not an option feel free to practice at home with your phone. Taking the time to see which angles work best and what poses you prefer will set you up for success on your special day.

A bridge flashes a bright smile as she stands amongst her bridesmaids in their light blue dresses during her restaurant le richemond wedding

Be authentic⁠.

It’s so important you allow your personality to shine through in your photos.⁠ You’re a dynamic, unique couple—and this is the opportunity to show off what that means for you. Being yourselves creates the best environment for allowing the love between you to truly be captured and create pictures that reflect the real and amazing you. 

Have fun and unwind⁠.

Your wedding day is meant to be enjoyed—photos included! Relax, have some fun with your partner, and celebrate. Bust a move if you want to! Don’t worry about looking into the camera—some of the best moments of your big day will be unexpected and candid.

Trust your photographer⁠.

A professional wedding photographer is an expert in their field. They have tons of experience and know-how on how to get the best possible shots of your big day. If you’ve met them and you felt it was a good match, you should lean into trusting them. They are there to guide you through the photoshoot, you just have to let them.

Take a breather⁠.

If you start to feel overwhelmed, remember that you don’t need anyone’s permission to step away and take a breather on your wedding day. It’s totally okay to catch your breath between events or photos so you can take a break and refocus. It’s YOUR day!

Be present⁠.

A wedding day can go by quickly! But practicing being present can help you soak up every moment, including during your photos! Instead of putting your energy into worrying about what’s happening on camera, focus on the special moments you’re sharing together. You’ll have an amazing experience for sure!

Receive Wedding Images that Wow You

If you want to look and feel amazing in your wedding images, these simple and easy tips will help. Remember to relax, be yourself, and get to know your photographer. Put some trust in them as a professional wedding photographer—your photos will turn out great! Most importantly, stay present, have fun and enjoy this special experience with your partner!

Looking for a wedding photographer in Montreal who will help you feel your best while having your wedding photos taken? Let’s chat so we can discuss the details. I look forward to meeting you!

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