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Why Engagement Photography is a Must-Have Experience for Couples


March 31, 2023

Engagement photography isn’t a session all couples opt for—even though they should. Getting engaged is one of the most thrilling times in your life, so it’s important to set aside time to capture yourselves as a couple at this extraordinary milestone in your life.

An engagement photoshoot is the perfect plan for accomplishing this. There are numerous benefits to having an engagement session, and you’ll discover exactly what those are by reading through this post.

Beautiful engaged couple looks lovingly in one another's eyes as they take a stroll at Mount Royal in Montreal

5 Reasons You Should Book an Engagement Photography Session

So why should you book an engagement photoshoot in Montreal? We have some reasons that might outweigh any potential obstacles that are standing in the way of booking one. Here are the five reasons you should definitely consider booking an engagement shoot:

It’s an opportunity to get to know your wedding photographer.

On your big day, you will be spending a lot of time with your wedding photographer, and it’s important to feel at ease around them. Your engagement photoshoot is the perfect opportunity to get to know your photographer more, including their style and personality. That way, once your wedding day arrives, you feel more comfortable and confident around them. 

When you reach this level of ease with your photographer, it makes it that much easier to capture photos that look natural and authentic. Plus, you’ll have developed a rapport with them that allows you to feel more at ease on your big day. You can enjoy the moment while trusting your photographer’s abilities and their vision.

It’s the perfect time to practice for the big day.

Find posing a little intimidating? You can get ready for your wedding by practicing your posing during your engagement shoot. During the session, you can find all your favourite looks and angles. As your engagement photographer, it’s my job (and I love doing it) to guide you through each pose in a natural way that leaves you and your significant other feeling your best. On your wedding day, there are a lot of moving parts, but booking an engagement session can help you get ahead of the posing game.

You can use the photos for your invitations and save the dates.

Engagement photos are ideal for wedding invitations and save the dates. They make it possible for you to tell your love story to your loved ones and get them excited for the big day! Additionally, they can be wonderful mementos to treasure for future reference. You can also repurpose them as Christmas cards, or even just share them with family and friends on the ‘gram.

Have fun getting pictures of you both in a different season or location.

What’s exciting about getting engagement photography done is that it opens the door for photoshoot locations and seasons. Your wedding pictures are locked in with a date and venue—but an engagement session can take place anywhere. Imagine taking pictures with your fiancé in a place you’ve always wanted to go, or a location you’ve dreamt of being captured in. You can schedule your engagement session for any season, so for example if you’re getting married in the summer you can still capture yourself as a couple in the fall, winter, or spring. With an engagement photoshoot, you have options.

You can include your furbaby.

We know how much your fur baby means to you. They have a special place in your heart, and unfortunately most wedding venues don’t accept animals. The engagement session is the perfect moment to include your dear furry friend for some beautiful and heartwarming memories. You can even have a bit of fun and incorporate beautiful accessories like a flower crown or bowtie so they look their best—just like you!

You can create special memories with your partner.

The truth is you don’t need any special justification for booking an engagement photoshoot (although if you do need them, we’ve provided a few here). The desire to engage in a fun activity with your partner is reason enough. From picking your outfits to planning a full-fledged date around it, it makes for a really special experience you can look back on as you plan your wedding celebration and beyond.

Say Yes to An Engagement Session

I hope you’re sold on engagement photography after reading this post. It’s an exciting experience, and you deserve it! Not only can it help you get comfortable with your wedding photographer, it can also be repurposed for your wedding invites and more. Plus, it’s just another fun experience you get to share with your special someone.

Ready to book your engagement photoshoot in Montreal? Reach out and let’s start planning your session today.

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