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How To Incorporate Engagement Photos in Your Wedding Day


May 5, 2023

Engagement photos are a great way to capture the love and excitement you and your partner share before you celebrate with family and friends. It captures an incredible milestone and the first step in the journey towards a life filled with love and commitment. 

But once you have your pictures, what do you do with them? Sending them to family and friends or sharing them on social media might be top of mind for you, but there are so many other ways you can use these photos.

And it’s not just to make the most out of your investment—the best part is using them to add a personal touch (or touches!) on your wedding day. Keep reading to find out the many unique ways you can incorporate your engagement photos into your wedding day.

a save-the-date invitation made using a couple's engagement photos in Montreal

Make the Most of Out of Your Engagement Photos

You put a lot of effort into your engagement photos—from planning your outfit to coordinating logistics—and it only makes sense you would want to share them with the world however you can. These photos are significant and deserve to be utilized to their fullest potential!

The good news is: It’s easier than ever to make this happen. After your engagement photoshoot with me, you can easily choose photos from your gallery and opt to create your own custom guest book, prints, and framed photos from your shoot, transforming your photos into tangible heirlooms you’ll cherish forever.

Now, let’s get to the specifics: Here are some inventive ways to incorporate your engagement photos into your wedding day.

stunning well-dressed couple poses during their engagement session and the photo is used for their wedding invitations

Use your engagement photos in invitations and save-the-date cards.

Imagine this: You’re sending out invites to your wedding using photos where you and significant other both look and feel your best. Sounds amazing, right? This is where using your engagement photos in invitations and save-the-date cards makes perfect sense. You can choose a photo (or photos) that help set the tone for your wedding and get your guests excited to mark their calendars (not that they wouldn’t be anyways 😉 ) !

Use them to create your guestbook.

Your wedding guestbook is something you’ll hold dear for a lifetime. Consider using your engagement photos to create a one-of-a-kind, personalized guestbook rather than a conventional one. This is a flexible option you can customize to your preferences. You can have your guests sign the pictures, or leave congratulations and love notes! 

Display your engagement photos at your reception.

Your big day is all about you as a couple. Having stunning photos of the two of you displayed at your wedding is just another great way to celebrate your special love. You can put them on display at your reception—whether that’s as a slide show, gallery wall, or even used to signify table numbers.

black and white photo of a couple used in their wedding guestbook

Create personalized wedding favours.

Let’s talk about wedding favours. You can use your engagement photos to make personalized wedding favors your guests will love. A few of my favourites are magnets, photo strips, and wine bottle labels. Feel free to use your imagination! These photos can be used on just about anything your guests will appreciate as a memento.

Include pictures from your engagement on your wedding website.

Wedding websites are a great way to keep your guests apprised of all the need-to-know wedding details—but a blank site just won’t do! Use your engagement photos to personalize your wedding website if you have one. You can use them as background images, but this is also a great place to detail your love story in a slideshow.

black and white engagement photo of a woman holding her significant other from behind him

Put a Personalized Touch on Your Wedding Using Your Engagement Photos

Finding ways to include your engagement photos on your wedding day is a wonderful way to put a distinctively personal touch on your occasion. Plus, you can use them to illustrate your love story to your guests. There are numerous ways to incorporate these photos into your wedding day, from invitations and save-the-date cards to reception decorations and favours. So go ahead and get innovative and make your big day exceptionally yours! 

Looking to book an engagement photoshoot in Montreal? Let’s connect and talk about what you envision. I can’t wait for you to receive engagement photos you absolutely love.

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